Beekeeper Info

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A beekeeper is responsible for assessing the health of the hive, checking for mite infestations, monitoring and treating the hive when health problems arise, and maintaining detailed records of health, medication administration, and honey production.

A beekeeper may also be responsible for preparing bees and equipment for pollination activities, feeding bees, cleaning and constructing hives, raising and replacing queen bees, dividing colonies when necessary, and replacing combs.

As a Beekeeper, you will be responsible for building and maintaining beehives, collecting honey, treating hives for viruses and parasite, and maintaining the overall health of the hive.

To ensure success as a Beekeeper, you should have a passion for beekeeping, the ability to stay calm under pressure, and a desire to work outdoors. Ultimately, a first-class Beekeeper maintains healthy hives and produces high-quality honeybee products.


  • Monitor and maintain hive health.
  • Identify and install queens.
  • Ensure beehives are properly supered.
  • Feed bees, as needed, seasonally.
  • Document bee yard information and bee yard health.
  • Load and unload trucks as bees are seasonally moved.
  • Collect and transport honey from the fields to the extracting facility.
  • Extract honey from the hive; store the honey in barrels once product is extracted.
  • Load sold honey on trucks when sold.
  • Grade and monitor bees prior to pollination season.
  • Place bees in orchards for pollination season.
  • Monitor and treat hives for parasites/viruses.
  • Split colonies.
  • Force bees from a hive using a smoke pot to inspect the hive and retrieve honey.
  • Destroy excess queen bee cells to prevent the division of a colony.
  • Assemble beehives to desired specifications.


  • Driver’s license. A CDL is preferred but not required.
  • Beekeeping experience is preferred but not required.
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • Basic woodworking skills.
  • Able to lift heavy objects.
  • Work well with others and communication skills
  • Willing to work flexible hours.
  • Happy to work unsupervised.
  • Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions.


  • Work in honey houses and workshops, and outside on farms and orchards.
  • Often have to work outdoors in all types of weather, and will sometimes get stung by bees.
  • Beekeepers must work long hours during the warmer months, spending most of their time outdoors in variable weather conditions.
  • Work may be required on nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Beekeepers must wear special protective clothing such as veils, gloves, and suits. Sturdy footwear with good ankle support is recommended.
  • A beekeeper must also properly use bee smokers and other hive tools to safely access the hive.
  • Travel based upon season.

PAY: Based on experience


Travel - Because of the nature of our industry, travel is a requirement for most positions. To offset the cost employees can incur by traveling (i.e. meals on the road), we offer a per diem to our employees

Vacation / Sick Time – Vacation time accrues each pay period and is available after 6 months of employment with management approval.  Sick time is available after it accrues.

Health - Adee Honey Farms offers health insurance for Full-Time employees (more than 45 hours per week). The company will split the premium cost 50/50 for each employee desiring to participate in the plan.

Holiday - Full Time salary and hourly employees will receive 6 paid holidays

HOW TO APPLY: Become a beekeeper today! Apply today by emailing or by calling our headquarters in Bruce, SD at 605.627.5621.

**Must be 16 years or older to apply**