The Buzz Behind The Rebrand

Have you seen the fresh new look? AHF recently revealed their new brand identity with bright new colors, modern graphics and a slogan fit for the queen (bee).  You may have noticed the smooth cursive of “Adee” in the primary logo symbolizes the drippy flow of honey.  Or perhaps our vibrant new colors caught your eye? All of our brand colors reflect the many shades and varieties of honey that are found in our warehouse. The brand sports a retro, yet modern look. The retro font reflects our early beginnings while the modern feel symbolizes where we are today and our plans for the future. The rebrand marks a major milestone for the family business as it coincides with the company’s 65th year in business. Sarah Hauge, Director of Business Development says, “We wanted our image to accurately reflect our values and mission as a commercial honey producer, which is why the new brand identity embodies a proud, tasteful, friendly and honest personality.”

Here’s a snippet of our story:

Since 1957, Adee Honey Farms has been making honey the only way we know how. The right way. It starts with the bees and ends with the honey. And in between, we go out of way to do things the right way. It isn’t always easy, but it’s simple. Honey just tastes better that way. That’s why only two things go into our bottles – honey and hard work. And even if you can’t see the difference, you can taste it. It’s a close to the hive as you can get without getting stung.



We plan to enter the retail market in conjunction with the celebration of our 65th Anniversary of being a beekeeping business. The company first started discussions and plans for the retail brand in June 2021. We have completed the first phase of our retail brand launch and have taken necessary steps to perform market research and to develop a strategy for success. The next step for our brand is to bring the vision to life with a new logo, website, and honey containers. The final phase will give us the product that will be ready to distribute to retail stores and consumers.

We look forward to our endeavor into the marketplace and hope to see our family business continue for many generations to come.

For more information on Adee Honey Farms rebrand or media inquiries, reach out to Sarah Hauge by emailing or by calling 605.627.5621