Pouch Perks

When it comes to bees, it’s no secret they’re vital to our ecosystem. But did you know honeybees pollinate roughly 1/3 of the food we eat? That’s a whole lot of apples, almonds and pumpkins we would be missing out on if we didn’t have our busy, buzzy friends.

So, we decided to offer a new form of packaging to honor the work our bees do while having a positive environmental impact on the world they keep pollinated. Introducing the Honey Pouch. Clean and convenient, this award-winning pouch is already creating a buzz in the environmental sustainability realm. Here’s why:


Our Honey Pouches are lightweight, making honey-on-the-go more appealing than ever. Great for packed lunches, quick snacks and office-made tea.
The benefits of honey are infinite. As for the drawbacks, we can only think of one: the mess. We get it—no one wants to deal with sticky fingers. With our Honey Pouches, you don’t have to. The SimpliSqueeze® drip-free technology helps the cap stay clean and cuts off your honey drizzle exactly when you want replacing a sticky situation with sweet success.

In addition to the clean cap system, these pouches are easy and convenient to use. Save time and dirty dishes by drizzling directly on your toast or in your tea. No more knives, spoons or scrapers to get the honey out of the jar. Our pouches let you access 99% of the product without getting your hands sticky or a utensil dirty. Easy, bees-y, honey squeezy.

If your honey crystalizes in the pouch, it’s still good. You just need to heat it up to get the honey flowing again. But as great as these pouches are, they are not microwave safe. To heat the honey, run hot water over the pouch while making sure to avoid getting any water inside. Or heat a mug of water in the microwave and dunk the pouch in it upside down with the cap off. You’ll be squeezing again in no time.

Try It Out

As beekeepers, we believe it’s the honey inside the package that counts most. But we can’t help but appreciate how this pouch makes your honey-loving experience all the better. To order your own pouch of the best honey money can buy, visit our product page.