A Legacy to Last A Lifetime

The heart of honey country just got a sweet new addition – a vibrant mural that is larger than life!

The artwork was gifted to Richard & Alice Adee by the Adee Family & AHF Employees to commemorate the business' 65th anniversary. The mural represents hard work, faith, determination and a passion to do what you love, just as Richard & Alice did. Proud of our roots, we were excited to add this artwork to the community where our story begin.

We look forward to many more wonderful years in Bruce, SD – A honey of a place to bee! If you are in the area, we invite you to check out the mural and stop by our headquarters to purchase the world’s best honey.



Artwork Fun Facts:

  • Bruce, SD is not only home to nation’s largest beekeeper, but the town is also now home to South Dakota’s largest bee (mural).
  • The artist, Chuck Bennis, spent 40+ hours painting & illustrating the wall!
  • 15 gallons of paint + 50 cans of spray paint were used to complete this masterpiece!
  • While the picture may give the optical illusion to be small, the real size of the mural is over 100ft long and 30ft tall! This is one of the largest murals the artist has worked on!

For more information on Adee Honey Farms or media inquiries, reach out to Sarah Hauge by emailing Sarah@AdeeHoneyFarms.com or by calling 605.627.5621